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Dietary Recipe Support

If you have a specific dietary challenge, are trying to change up your normal eating habits for more home cooking, or simply want to get quicker and more efficient with cooking healthful, rejuvenating food, look no further! We’ll meet either in person or on zoom to discuss your goals and needs. Then, based on you learning style, schedule, and kitchen, we’ll create a plan for you to meet your goals and boost your cooking skills with flying colors while you’re at it. This won’t be overwhelming or intimidating, as some programs are that load out the information with no guidance. My goal is to give you steps to feel confident in the kitchen

Holistic Health Consultations

Whether you’ve given up on why you feel the way you do, or are overwhelmed with the symptoms you're experiencing, Anna will help you connect the dots, pointing you in the direction of how to start feeling energized and alive again! Through her own experiences she knows what it’s like to feel lost, overwhelmed and alone. There’s always a bigger picture. Having a new set of ears and eyes can make the difference. Be curious, stay determined, and take control of your health.

Kitchen Makeover

Anna used to do fun experiences called “Show to Table." She'd show up to a client's home for the first time, and start cooking with an hour to create a three-course dinner! With the Kitchen Makeover, it’s a similar concept and more fun, since you get to work with her personally. Similar to Fixer-upper, together you'll completely upgrade your pantry, fridge, and kitchen staples! Purge your kitchen and fill it with tasty things, concluding with a meal Anna cooks with and for you. 

  • a FUN experience and weekend of Chef Anna all to yourself

  • a sparkling, “new” kitchen, cleaned out and restocked with healing, delicious, rejuvenating, and tasty treats

  • meal planning and prep tips, tricks, and recipes

  • A meal cooked by Chef Anna 

  • Your own personal mini crash cooking course

  • organizing, simplifying, and saving strategies for food, recipes, cooking, and shopping...And more!

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