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Through carefully constructed courses, Anna teaches how culinary creativity isn't just for chefs, but many of these "secrets" can be taught. Through interactive workshops, classes, or retreats, her emphasis is to share with others how cooking is fun, life-giving, and each plate a work of art, no matter how simple or complex. 

Recipe and Menu Development

Never creating the same menu twice in over eight years, and writing recipes for publications, restaurants, and major brands, paved the way for Anna to refine and hone in on recipe development. Anna offers recipe and menu  development or consulting for businesses, brands, and restaurants. 


Anna has done a large variety of events over the past decade. Now, she focuses on wellness retreats, ornate grazing charcuterie spreads, and  mystery basket cooking competitions, a lively game involving the whole party. These are fully customizable, so reach out to plan your perfect event.


Certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health consultant (IINHC), Norwegian by blood, and chef by trade, these uniquely position Anna to combine her three passions together to help others find a holistic lifestyle. 

With years of personal experience battling chronic illness, as a health coach, Anna helps others connect the dots to unknown health conditions and provides easily accessible support for dietary needs. 

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