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View current class schedule below or send an inquiry to ask about scheduling your own workshop. 

  • Creativity in cooking starts with understanding the diverse possibilities that open up and how an ingredient will respond when put through an individual cooking method or combinations of different cooking methods. In this class learn techniques like poaching the perfect egg or searing a beautiful steak. You’ll also learn 40 other techniques and how to apply them in your own cooking.

  • A chef is really no different from you. But there IS a secret: if you understand how to look at each ingredient as a whole, you’ll be able to combine flavors, and with a science and technique knowledge, you’ll be what they call a real chef. This is really the foundation to feeling confident in the kitchen. So what are you waiting for, come cook with me!

  • Ready to try out your own “Chopped” episode? Ready, set, go! I will give you the tools to be able to bring out flavor from any item--in this case, a mystery basket. You’ll get to cook something in chopped style, but don’t worry, I’ll be there right along beside you, and teach you how to bring real FLAVOR out of your dish to make it shine!

  • The amount of ideas and ways to decorate or plate a dish are endless. Plating and garnishing involves the textures, layers, levels, and colors. It's knowing when to combine and when not to combine. It's understanding when less is more and more is OK. This class will teach you how to feel confident no matter what dish or what occasion. Join now to learn!

  • You’ve probably heard the team Hygge as it became almost a fad a few years ago. But do you actually know what it is and do you really  know how to pronounce it? Find out with a chef who’s Norwegian by blood and will take you through a full experience from cooking authentic Scandinavian dishes, to finding what Hygge means to you.Everyone has Hygge in their life but sometimes they need help discovering it. Don’t wait to find yours!

  • Did you know there is an art to creating charcuterie boards? From colors, textures, height, region, and vision, learn to create a perfect board that will complement or pair with any party.

  • If you’ve ever wondered how in the world you can re-create that dish you had the other night at your favorite restaurant, or simply how to utilize the random ingredients in your fridge and pantry, this class will empower you to make recipes up on the fly and never waste or want again!

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how chefs chop onions so quickly, don’t waste any garlic, soften a hard lemon, fix a soup that’s too salty, keep greens brilliantly colored when cooking, and more? Look no  further. Your mind will be spinning (in a good way!) With this class you can put these tips and tracks and many more in your own kitchen tool belt.

  • What do you do when you can no longer eat your favorite food? This challenge without doubt can be emotional and difficult. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to forgo and forget these favorite items. When you learn to work backwards and truly understand how food works, you can and will eat these favorite items again! Take it from a chef who was down to five foods. This is honestly one of the most inspiring classes you can take! (prerequisites: The Language of Food, Techniques, and Understanding Flavor 101, 201)

  • Whatever season it is, there are always delightful and intriguing wild edibles to discover. Join me on an outdoor exploration adventure as we find real food outdoors, bring it in, and get to create delicious, earthy and truly pure dishes, as organically sourced as possible. 

  • 1. Natural remedies/ spices: As a nutritional health coach, Chef And will guide you through some delicious ways to utilize some of the top nutritious and healing foods in your every day cooking. You’ll feel more at ease knowing you are truly feeding yourself with healing foods, and better yet, they will taste incredible! You’ll be able to take home an extensive list of ingredients including information on their benefits, and how to use the, in your healthful cooking journey.

    2. Cultured fermentations and bone broth:
    Cultured and fermented foods, as well as bone broths have been used for centuries as true, healing foods. The probiotics we get from fermented foods far outshine those in a pill. Likewise, homemade bone broth is packed with flavor and collagen that can’t be replicated in a box. Come and learn how to give your gut the food it needs to thrive! 

    3. Brain food/ Power ingredients:
    Did you know, even with healthful foods, there are some that are better for the brain than others? The brain needs specific foods to make it function at peek performance. Don’t miss this class if you want to ensure you’re in top shape for that presentation your giving, big test coming up, or trying to impress a special someone!


French Crêpe Mastery

March 6 | 6:00 pm

Master the art of crafting, flipping, and savoring crepes like a pro. Join Chef Anna, who honed her crepe-making skills under the guidance of a French Master Chef. In this class, she’ll unveil centuries-old techniques for creating these delectable French delicacies. Explore the world of both savory and sweet variations, experimenting with various fillings and toppings to elevate your culinary expertise. Impress your loved ones with your newfound crepe mastery!



Spring Foraging

April 21 | 2:00 pm

Join Chef Anna in this second Seasons of Foraging class, right as everything comes to life in the beautiful Ozark spring! This is the time of year where foraging is at its peak, where everything is bursting at the seams to poke it’s head up… so that you can enjoy it! As always you’ll participate in an interactive class of foraging and then cooking together with the items you collected.



DIY Microgreens


Have you ever wanted to grow your own super-power greens? This is the class for you! Chef Anna and her husband Wesley have successfully built and mastered a nifty DIY kit to grow microgreens right in the comfort of your own home. They’ll share with you their tips and tricks to successfully grow your own little mini garden! Chef Anna will also share ways to use these delicious greens in dishes.



Ozark's Hidden Gardens

May 17-19

Join award-winning Chef Anna on a culinary journey through the Ozark Gais. You’ll gain appreciation for the hidden gems the Ozark region has to offer, and expand your kitchen skills in the process! This is a full weekend getaway, and includes sessions on foraging, cooking, and preparing beautiful dishes.



Summer Foraging

June 26 | 6:00 pm

Seasons of Foraging, part three! Summer is full of berries, herbs, seeds, and more to discover. Come learn with Chef Anna how to make the most of your summer and how to find where things like black mulberries are hiding, or the secret places to pick the biggest blackberries. As always you’ll participate in an interactive class of foraging and then cooking together with the items you collected.




August 7 | 6:00 pm

A Smorgasbord is like a Scandinavian charcuterie. It’s full of seasonal fresh flavors and bursting with color. Something these boards are known for is making open faced sandwiches out of all this goodness. Come enjoy learning another way to entertain guests as you're transported to Scandinavia during this fun, tasty, and interactive cooking class.



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