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Menu Developer, Culinary Instructor, Dietary Recipe Expert, Nutritional Health Coach

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Let me guide you to create simple, yet life-giving dishes, through the lense of seeing beauty in daily things and viewing every "can't" as a "can." Food shapes so much of our life. It must be balanced, just like other aspects of life, to create meals that are a healthful, fulfilling, and rejuvenating experience. Learn from a chef who lived a chaotic life, crashed, burned, and had to restart, finding joy in simplicity instead of achievement.

Simplicity in preparation  |  Mindfulness in ingredients  |  Pureness in flavors  |  Beauty in creating


Recipe Development, Culinary Instruction, Nutritional Health Consulting, Dietary Recipe Support, Food styling

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What do you mean by hygge?

First, let’s start with the pronunciation. There are several reputable books that pronounce it incorrectly as "Hooga." But Marie Tourell Soderberg does an excellent job giving the pronunciation in her book, 'The Danish Art of Happiness.' "In the word 'you,' take out the 'ou' and say the first part. You’re left with the y-sound in H-Ygge. Notice your lips are more rounded than if you were saying 'yellow.' "

There's no simple definition for Hygge, a Danish word, adopted from the Norwegians a long time ago. The equivalent Norwegian word now is “Kos.” Hygge, or Kos, is the combination of things that bring comfort, familiarity, coziness, relaxation, friendship, joy. Hygge happens all year long. This means hiking and taking to the trails, getting in a canoe, picnicking, watching shooting stars on a clear night, hugging a friend, drinking a cup of tea by the fireplace, laughing and sharing stories with friends and family 'round a well worn kitchen table. Hygge--it's a holistic lifestyle.

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